It is a great environment for exploring, moving and singing together.  Meeting new friends and families, learning about music and instruments!  The instructor is very organized and has a "plan" for each class time, and makes it appropriate for all ages.  We are loving it! - Meagan

Kindermusik has helped my child in so many ways! He loves seeing his friends and interacting with other adults and kiddos, and he always asks to listen to music at home. In fact, his first sign was "music!" It's clear he is learning and having a blast. Ms. Val is so sweet and really understands how kids learn and grow. Every kid gets the space to develop his or her own way of relating to the music and activities. In addition, the material we get to download and use at home has helped my son blossom and really benefit from the time. It's great for parents, too, and I always have a blast! – Jess

Kindermusik is great, but Valerie is even greater. Val has a talent for reaching the youngest musician. Children adore her. As a music teacher of 30 years myself, I highly recommend her as a teacher. Her way of including every child despite differing personality issues such as shyness or wildness is  truly remarkable!  – Rachel

I enrolled my daughter in Valerie's Wiggle and Grow class two months shy of her second birthday. Even though most the children were older than her, she quickly learned from their examples and was eager to participate. Valerie is great with the children: on days the kids are very energetic, Valerie takes that as a cue to get up and move and dance. Her singing circles are so much fun! You can tell the kids feel very comfortable with Valerie as they cluster around her during story time, or race to sit on her lap. The biggest change I've seen in my daughter is that she has found her singing voice. She sings everywhere: in the car, in the bath, to her dolls, even at the grocery store. We look forward to music every week and to learning new songs with Valerie. – Danielle

In addition to being an incredibly talented singer, Valerie is also a gifted teacher. Her Kindermusik classes are fun for both adults and children and full of dancing, singing, storytelling, playing instruments and more. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and make each class a wonderful and memorable experience! – Maggie

My daughter and I absolutely love Kindermusik with Valerie and look forward to class each week. Valerie's passion for music and song and the impact they have on young children is evident in her creative and engaging "lessons". She provides wonderful insight for activities at home, and as a stay-at-home mom, I appreciate so much the fresh ideas and inspiration. Probably the best part, though, is watching my daughter light up and dance to the beat of her own drum, encouraged every step by Valerie. :) – Susie

Kindermusik provides a fresh way for my daughter to learn. It's helped take away some of the pressure I put on myself as a stay at home mom to ensure she's getting the proper stimulation and learning opportunities. Kindermusik not only provides a social and learning time during class, but helps me continue to create new and fun ways to learn at home. - Anonymous

We love Valerie's Kindermusik classes. She is a wonderfully enthusiastic and nurturing teacher who easily gets our whole family singing, playing, and dancing. I love that my kids are getting fundamental music education while having such a great time. – Shannon