Mondays 1:00-1:45pm

At Laugh and Learn, we combine your preschooler’s natural love of music, storytelling, and imaginative play with age-appropriate activities that introduce early music concepts and foster independence, social and emotional skills, language growth, and self-control. You will connect with other parents who share in the wonder of parenting a preschooler as parents and caregivers join us for the final ten minutes of fun and learning at every class. The Kindermusik@Home digital home materials bring the music, learning activities, and each unit’s story everywhere you go. Laughing and learning — a powerful combination!


PRETEND PLAY Pretend play activities are integrated with music, vocal development, storytelling, listening, movement and literacy aspects of each class. When based upon a child’s real life experiences, pretend play helps develop language, sensory, motor and cognitive skills.

MUSICAL VARIETY AND SINGING  Weekly activities include a mixture of musical genres and styles, and provide a setting for your child to explore his many voices, including his “singing voice.” Singing helps with memory and recall, creativity and socialization.

SMALL AND GROSS MOTOR MOVEMENT Your preschooler is on the move!  Through creative movement, songs and storytelling she'll develop the bigger, gross motor abilities like skipping and galloping. And with frequent musical play and instrument exploration each week, she’ll hone in on those finer, precise motor skills in her fingers.

LITERACY DEVELOPMENT Each class is built on the development of a story, so you’ll hear a lot of talking from preschoolers as they search for the word to say what they mean and try to keep up with their busy minds, emerging wants, needs, likes, and dislikes.

SOCIAL SKILLS Your preschooler is ready to learn alongside a group of other children, and in the safe environment of a Kindermusik class, friendship making, turn taking, empathy, and conflict resolution come shining through.

EMERGING INDEPENDENCE By providing both a peer group during the first 35 minutes of class, and Family Sharing Time during the last 10 minutes, your child gets a balance of his drive for independence, and the still-needed emotional security of having you there.

QUALITY HOME MATERIALS With the Kindermusik@home materials, the learning and fun continues at home with your child’s best teacher—you! Every 5 weeks you’ll receive a new downloadable mp3 album, e-book, and creative home activities.