Thursdays 10:00-10:50 (12-week session begins September 10, 2018)

 Young children who continue Kindermusik class into early school age will develop a greater capacity for learning and a lifelong love of music.  In Move & Groove classes, your budding musician will be introduced to fundamental musical concepts, notation, and the basics of vocal development. Children explore a wide variety of musical styles and the instruments of the orchestra through group ensemble play, music, games, and stories from many cultures.  At this age, big kids love learning and making music with their peers and can now begin to apply what they are learning in different ways.  The rich foundation of musicianship which Kindermusik lays has the potential to accelerate later progress on an instrument.


LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT  Being in a group class like Kindermusik gives big kids lots of extra practice in verbal communication, but language development is significantly enhanced as the children imitate melodic phrases, match pitch, and sing entire songs.

VOCAL DEVELOPMENT We take singing to a whole new level as the children sing in several languages, participate in speech ensembles, expand their vocal range, develop independent singing, and sing in an ensemble. Sometimes the “ta’s” and “ti-ti’s” sound like a foreign language, but they are the language of professional musicians and composers, and prepare your child to read and write rhythm patterns.

LITERACY SKILLS Through songs and storytelling, your child will develop phonetic awareness and the early reading skills needed in school.  She'll have the opportunity to express those sounds clearly, and integrate new language into an ever increasing vocabulary.

GROSS MOTOR SKILLS Children this age are now able to walk, run, and jump to the beat of the music.  Kindermusik helps refine their gross-motor skills even further as they imitate and learn multi-step dances. Dancing develops body control, sharpens direction-following skills, emphasizes teamwork, and builds community.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS The ability to hold a pencil and write their names means that these big kids are becoming skilled enough to also learn simple musical notation, play the bars of a glockenspiel, strum the strings of the dulcimer, and finger the holes on the recorder.

MUSIC APPRECIATION Your child will be introduced to composers, songs, and musical styles from around the world in a variety of genres, such as classical, jazz, and folk.

ENSEMBLE This class provides the optimum environment to develop teamwork and cooperation skills through ensemble-playing. These guided and fun sessions provide opportunity for vocal exploration, movement and instrument play.

QUALITY HOME MATERIALS With the Kindermusik@home materials, the learning and fun continues at home with your child’s best teacher—you! Every 5 weeks you’ll receive a new downloadable mp3 album, e-book, and creative home activities.