Mondays, 9:00-9:45 (12-week session begins Monday, September 10, 2018)

Get ready to sing, play, cuddle and bounce with your little one in this music class designed to be just right for very young children. In Cuddle & Bounce, you’ll enjoy circle dances, sign language, vocal play, singing, object and instrument exploration, as well as a welcoming environment with other parents who are experiencing the same challenges and joys of parenting a busy baby. Our delightful Kindermusik@Home materials will bring you parent education, music and literature downloads, and ideas for activities to enjoy with your baby — all delivered right to your inbox.


A WARM WELCOME You’ll meet other caregivers just like you who value music, learning and bonding. Life-long friendships frequently begin here.

LAP BABIES, CRAWLERS & WALKERS You’ll see babies at nearly every stage of development learning to sit up, crawl, stand, walk, and run as they take part in the fun and unique curricula-based activities planned for each class.

A VARIETY OF MUSIC Musical diversity builds strong neural networks in a baby’s forming mind, which is why each Kindermusik curricula contains an array of styles, sounds, and genres.

INSTRUMENT PLAY Age-appropriate experiences with child-safe instruments enhance a sense of rhythm and steady beat, develop a keen awareness of the distinguishing qualities of sound, and encourage spontaneity and creativity.

DANCE A classroom full of baby and adult pairs dancing together helps a little body develop the muscle strength needed to crawl and walk and helps a little heart to fall in love with the sheer joy of responding to music.

TOGETHER TIME A Kindermusik class is truly the essence of “quality time,” offering you a place to create special memories with your child, gain new insights into your child’s development, and nurture your child’s natural love of music.

EXPERT ADVICE Your Kindermusik educator explains “what-to-watch-for” every step of the way and how each activity enhances your child’s complete development.

QUALITY HOME MATERIALS With the Kindermusik@home materials, the learning and fun continues at home with your child’s best teacher—you! Every 4 weeks you’ll receive a new downloadable mp3 album, e-book, ASL signs, and home activities.